My great grandmother taught me to read at the age of three. Since then, I’ve always harbored a love of reading and getting lost in other fictitious worlds. During my freshman year of high school, we could pick any novel we wanted to read as an assignment for English class. Ever the over achiever, I proudly walked in with my 691 paged hard cover mammoth. My teacher locked eyes with the beast and weaved her way over, salivating. She said it could count as two books (insert serious brownie points here with no lips on a body part required). As boldly as an introvert could, I corrected her that it was three separate novels in one volume, so it would be counted as three.

I wrote my first two books in elementary school as class assignments and insanely, I still have them today. Someday I may need them to light on fire to keep warm with. I was always busy writing something. Scribblings, musings, rants, prayers, inappropriate jokes; anything went. I was told numerous times I should be a writer but always shrugged it off. For decades. Even when I had stories swirling in my head, I killed them off. Which leads me to my current work. I write crime fiction because that is what I most enjoy reading, along with suspense. Someday, I may attempt to venture off to something different, but not anytime soon. But back to why you’re here, the Steele series. It took many years of smothering those writing ideations, until the beckoning would not be silenced and contained any longer. For four years the vision and story of what is now the Steele series slithered through my brain, constantly tempting, nagging and pushing. The characters got so loud that in 2017, I finally gave in and got the courage to release the writing venom coursing through my veins. I joined a writing challenge to write a book in 100 days and Cris Steele was finally born for the world to meet.

Aside from reading and writing, in my nonexistent spare time I enjoy lots of outdoor activities: hiking, skydiving, kayaking, camping, paintball, zip lining, exploring abandoned or creepy places… If you’ve been waiting too long for the next book, I apologize. There’s a good chance it’s partly due to seeking out new adrenaline inducing adventures. At times, I can be found seeking inspiration or sanity on a mountain or by the crash of the ocean waves (which may or may not be accompanied by an amber liquid companion). On the rare occasions I watch tv, like my reading preference, I enjoy suspense and solving murders or crime shows. Besides my adventurous spirit, my family and doofy dog always keep life busy, interesting and entertaining. Keep up with me if you can by subscribing to my periodic newsletter.


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