Can we escape our genetics?

Detective Cris Steele begins to follow in her father’s footsteps. Sliding down that slippery slope as her darkness grows, Cris convinces herself to try her father’s coping tactics, certain she will be able to handle it. The cracks in her armor grow bigger and more difficult to hide and the parallels become unmistakable. Like father like daughter, will she also pay the ultimate price?

Will they find Luke’s killer? Is he closer than they realize?

Cris is barely hanging on and tensions mount with Detective Pete Bryan as she questions his involvement in Luke’s murder. Thanks to the advice and prompting of Chief Jeff Bolton who ignores her suspicions, Pete is closer than ever now.

Will the adversity end up tearing them apart?

Cris is desperate to know what and how Bolton knows about her hidden childhood. Pete grows increasingly frustrated with Bolton’s overprotective and secretive treatment of Cris. Bolton begins to see clues and question if Cris’ suspicions of Pete are right with his impeccable opportunity to be the killer. Wasting time interrogating each other, time is running out for Cris and the real answers they are all searching for.

Cris continues to bury her emotions and lose her edge…

Will it result in Burying Steele?

View the book trailer for Burying Steele below!


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