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Hardcover, Paperback or eBook


She’s Gone. She’s Never Coming Back. She’s Dead.

Is it better to forget who we were?

In book three, Detective Cris Steele struggles to overcome the mental and physical remnants of being buried alive and left for dead, in addition to her traumatic childhood. After getting thrown back to a life she didn’t want to return to, Cris feels compelled to visit her childhood home for unfinished business. She dreads unleashing the inescapable PTSD and suicide demons, especially in front of her co-worker, Detective Pete Bryan. With greater difficulty, Cris tries to keep up the armor she previously wore while at war with her mind and emotions. Although she persists in fighting to return to her old ways, Cris is relentlessly reminded they are never coming back.

Is it possible to open up and forgive the unforgivable?

Remembering the advice of her dad and husband, Cris continuously grapples with opening up to both Chief Bolton and Detective Bryan. Even more difficult, is Luke’s request for understanding and forgiveness of a murderer. Cris becomes obsessed wondering if visiting the house of the killer could help change her perspective. Mere days before having to give testimony at his trial, she decides there’s only one way to find out.

What is really awaiting us in the dark?

Suddenly no longer an ally with the dark, Cris now feels vulnerable. Unease settles as the sun sets, afraid of being alone and getting attacked again. Shadows and figures move that only she can see and noises only she can hear. Cris feels abandoned now that she no longer sees her dad or Luke and the possibility of returning to work seems daunting with Chief gone. While she used to enjoy solitude and shutting people out, now she experiences true loneliness, and even fear, in the depths of her soul.

Can Cris accept her newfound and unwanted life, or will she always be Remembering Steele?

Cris fights with her inner turmoil between her former self which she keeps trying to get back to, and who she is now as a result of being beaten and buried alive. With disabilities she is unable to hide and the new vulnerabilities and insecurities she is left with, she tussles with the realization that instead of remembering, she needs to forget the Cris Steele she used to be.

Follow Cris on her journey of discovery and recovery in Remembering Steele.

The Past is Gone. The Present is Purgatory. The Future May Never Come.

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