If you like Mystery books - You will love Breaking Steele!

If you like Mystery books - You will love Breaking Steele!

If you like Mystery books - You will love Breaking Steele!If you like Mystery books - You will love Breaking Steele!


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Burying Steele Book Trailer

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Book Trailer for Breaking Steele

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Burying steele


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Can we escape our genetics?

Detective Cris Steele begins to follow in her father’s footsteps. Sliding down that slippery slope as her darkness grows Cris convinces herself to try her father’s coping tactics, sure she will be able to handle it. The cracks in Cris’ armor grow bigger and more difficult to hide and the parallels become unmistakable. Like father like daughter, will she also pay the ultimate price?

Will they find Luke’s killer and does Bolton pave the path for him instead of keeping Steele safe? Is he closer than they realize?

Cris is barely hanging on as tensions mount with Detective Pete Bryan. Cris continues to question his involvement and accuses him of being Luke’s killer. Thanks to the advice of Chief Jeff Bolton who ignores her suspicions, Pete is closer to her than ever.

Will the adversity end up tearing them apart?

She is desperate to know what and how Bolton knows about her hidden childhood. Pete grows increasingly frustrated with Bolton’s overprotective and secretive treatment of Cris. Bolton begins to question if Cris is right about Pete and his impeccable opportunity to be the killer. Wasting time suspecting and questioning each other, time is running out for Cris and the real answers they are searching for.

Cris continues to bury her emotions and lose her edge…
Will it result in Burying Steele?

Breaking steele


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Too good to be true?

Just as Detective Cris Steele thinks she has outran her past and finally has something going right in her life, she gets dealt another blow when her best friend and husband, Luke, is killed right in front of her. Chief Jeff Bolton assigns Detective Pete Bryan to the case, but Cris begins to secretly conduct her own research as the tension mounts between the two detectives.

Nothing is as it seems.... We all hide behind a mask.

As Cris learns more about her co workers, she realizes they may not be who they appear to be. The same can be said for her own checkered past that she keeps hidden, and also her own exterior toughness that is actually trying to hide her vulnerabilities, very similar to her own father.

Will her past be unveiled?

Detective Cris Steele fights hard to keep her demons locked away and the darkness that lies within hidden, but it appears someone may know more than she could've ever imagined.

Finding a Serial killer.

When Detectives Cris Steele and Kim Campbell get sent away to help another precinct on a murder case, the two opposites learn a lot about each other, and despite Steele's best efforts, her compassion and vulnerabilities sneak out. As they work hard to find this potential serial killer, alongside the country boys who are also not what they initially seemed, Cris can't stop thinking about Luke's case. Can she handle being the lead on this new case or does she really have a death wish?

Who will find Luke's killer?

When everyone and no one appears to be a suspect, Pete and Cris have very different ideas. Cris even begins to question Pete's motive and involvement, which gets more intensified at his conclusion of Luke's investigation. Cris refuses to believe his findings and in the end it will bring her to her knees.

As Cris struggles to hang on to a very thin thread....

Will they succeed in Breaking Steele?


Burying Steele


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Breaking Steele


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About H.B. Tyler


Who is H.B. Tyler?

One of the newest and hottest crime fiction writers arriving on the scene. H.B. Tyler always had writing flowing through the veins. It took many years of smothering those ideations, until the pull would not be silenced and contained any longer. For four years the vision and story of who is now Cris Steele slithered through the brain, constantly tempting, nagging and pushing. Tyler finally gave in and got the courage to release that writing venom and joined a writing challenge; to write a book in 100 days. Cris Steele was finally born for the world to meet.

H.B. Tyler resides on an island and can be found on occasion seeking inspiration, or sanity, in the crash of the ocean waves, which may or may not be accompanied by a liquid amber companion (you've got to read the book). H.B. is married with two wonderful, but completely different boys and one neurotic dog, which always guarantees to keep life busy, interesting and entertaining.


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